Thursday, 16 August 2012

RAW . Suits Season 02

i need to work on improving myself.. LOADS
juz not good enuf i dun tink :(


juz caught mon nite RAW few days back. love it! especially d new theme/entrance song!

n after watching Ryback for several weeks, i can safely say he's been training hard n on d right path to a HUGE WWE superstar career =) he's very focused on bringing d intensity into all of his fights.. which is one of d personalities one could adopt besides being foreverunderdog(john cena/rey mysterio) or arrogant(dolph ziggler) or intelligent/calculating(damien/randy orton) types. i put mr. feed-me-more at least in d top 5 soon no doubt. juz dat his eyes seem a tad bit too reddish as if he's been smearing buckets of chlorine water from swimming pools onto his eyes every day. gotta get dat checked out n take care yo!

n d show ended w/ Shawn Michaels getting kimura-ed, figure-4 armlock-ed or americana-ed(or wadever dat shit's called) by mr. Lesnar. interesting buildup to Summerslam hehe. d only thing is.. does Brock have d stamina to compete in d ring again? cuz he looks like he's in need of some extra in-ring stamina training so he doesnt sweat so much so easy like The Rock.


alas, several episodes of Suits Season 02 is out! so i can begin savouring this unbelievably satisfying US drama series!! yay! k i have to wake up to go to work in a couple hours' time. tink i'll juz skip slping for tonight. cheers!

n below r some of d other casts u'll get to see most of d time.

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