Saturday, 8 December 2012

League of Legends Season 3 Item Review

so s3 has kicked in and everyone's just testing out new varieties and such. it's prolly gonna take a month or two for ppl to find out ideal or highly viable builds and masteries, most importantly suiting their play styles. 

i'll just do a review of the items section here today while waiting to collect my 8th apple from tristana after 12 midnight lol. only for sg server i think yup yup.

ok so let's go real quick into a defensive item, Mercurial Scimitar(see-me-tar). previously, ADCs can only acquire a Quicksilver Sash n it ends there. now with this new item in, they can actually upgrade their QSS into this arresting armament if the game is prolonged beyond a fully stacked red-blue-green elixir team.

Twin Shadows provides APCs with a different option from their Lucky Kage's Pick upgrade. it's very affordable n i can see it being used against Akalis or Wukongs. a favourable addition when only Morello's n DFGs(which got nerfed so hard) were previously d only available upgrades.

an exciting new item in s3 is this, Runic Bulwark. it's a relatively cheap upgrade from Aegis of the Legion. a must-have for junglers or supports entering mid-late games n always finding themselves in the middle of all d main skirmishes n team fights.

Mikael's Crucible opens up more ways for supports or bruisers to make full use of their inventory if they actually picked up a chalice of harmony. no more waste of money for Malphite up top lane vs Singed or Elise players anymore with this new item!

another desirable utility/support item upgrade would be this Shard of True Ice rite here. n i tink its name fits it perfectly too! builds from Lucky Kage Pick or Mana Manipulator, no more late game uselessness for Zyras or Sonas out there. can u imagine a support Taric placing its active on a Diana or Rengar? d possibilities r endless =)

 i'm not sure how Banner of Command is gonna be used in teamfights but it could very well be picked up by top laners Rumble, Galio or Yorick etc for dat split pushing tactic. we'll juz have to see how communities in EU, NA, KR & TW use em first i guess.

this new item, Sightstone, is smth dat top laners n supports alike r gonna love to death in s3. mathematically or theory-wise, it's already 200% more cost effective than buying singular wards for 75 gold each. no doubt this may be d most common pickups n rightly so imo.

melee or close-ranged AP-reliant assassins surely consider this Iceborn Gauntlet for its armour n cdr. i'd say Evelyn/Ryze/Kass etc. wad's so gold-efficient abt this beauty is dat it can be built out of a Sheen or Glacial Shroud. Zhonya's Hourglass? step aside yo =)

first thing ppl will ask is, "Tiamat??". nope.. even better. this Ravenous Hydra. provides lifesteal for higher sustainability like Fiora n champions of d like. this 3.5k gold item is quite a worthy adversary for turret huggers.

 built specifically for Irelias & Shens etc, a hefty AS n MS coupled w/ a nice chunk of flat dmg, cdr n tenacity is wad bruisers wanna have outta this ravishing Zephyr. of cuz.. it's Janna-approved!

this rite here is a game changer for all Junglers out there. Warwick, Gangplank & Xin Zhao, welcome back to neutral grounds =D

 Spirit Stone is the first upgrade from Hunter's Machete. it provides dat extra bit of buttress n is later built into three different tier 2 upgrades of ur choice. "Spirit of the Elder Lizard" may be suited to LeeSin/Nocturne/Shyvana types, "Spirit of the Ancient Golem" may be preferred by Malphite/Maokai types n "Spirit of the Spectral Wraith" could be tailored for Diana/Veigar/Gragas/Amumu types. tho i tink Amumu stands in between Ancient Golem n Spectral Wraith depending on d match-ups.

so there ya have it, a review of 95% of d new items from s3. below r juz some of d reworked ones.

BFG9000 or Best Friend Sword is now cheaper alongside Warmog's Armour. obviously lower stat count for Warmog's but possibly, just maybe.. a higher health regeneration rate compared to d old one since FoN's been taken out.

having its 5% cdr n 25 hp5 chipped away, d new Randuin's Omen is now more focused in s3 for supports or utility bruisers/junglers w/ dat bonus health n lower armour. price range still abt d same.

Eleisa's Miracle could be very useful in ARAM. tho we'll have to wait n see if it's viable in d competitve scene.

OP OP OP OP!! dis new rework/buff of The Black Cleaver juz screams OP. ty Riot! is quite a crowd favourite from wad i've seen from NA/EU pro players when they livestream. can't wait to use it on Darius when i get d chance to. it's also surely going to work exceptionally well w/ champions like Jayce, Pantheon, Rengar & Renekton top etc. not too good for ADCs tho since they need to change targets often in heavily frontlined engages depending on d positioning of both teams n where they choose their fights. it's more preferable to have them autoattack d enemy champs dat have been cleaved. but then again, only time can tell how all of d abovementioned items r gonna be d most beneficial under differing circumstances.

gogo Singapore! i believe we have wad it takes to be World/Asia eSports Champions some day juz like Taipei Assassions, Azubu Blaze/Frost n World Elite =)

STARVING... need to cook some noodles NAO urgh..


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