Wednesday, 18 May 2011


HELLO to my very first post in this new blog!! ^^
took me some effort mentally shifting from my previous original site which was hosted by Friendster. sick of waiting for their xml file of my entire archive so i'll juz start. well now dat i'm here i gotta do it rite.

dear God ty for providing solutions to every challenge U've allowed me to face =)


well i'll need some time to get used to all d features in blogspot so do expect continuous add-ons! in any case, exams for my final semester have ended so it's time to indulge life for a bit!! nt implying dat mugging saps life away tho, studying IS impt n is being used every day by every one - neighbourhood area, roads & eateries frequented, fav' cashier at a hypermarket etc. we all absorb bits of useful information daily n dat's almost equivalent to studying! yup yup so cheers we're all intelligent homo sapiens =)


oh oh.. i recently chanced upon this song abt 3 weeks back, really new n upbeat.. i like!


anywayz, i've been watching LOADS of stuff dat'll completely rock ur world(or butt since u'll literally be glued to ur seat d moment u start). knock urselves out~

first up, I juz completed d entire Season 03 of Star Wars Clone Wars! so sad i wish there was more! but o well. ahh yes! i muz say dat anakin's padawan is juz so cute(btm rite weilding green lightsabre)!! haha

& on to d next is How I Met Your Mother Season 06!!
yes yes, i've been absolutely SLOWW but I am on it so pls forgive me all u social HIMYM fan addicts! previously had to stop at Season 05 abruptly due to skool n some other stuff(smallville, fringe, naruto cough cough).

if i rmb correctly, d gal in black dress in d foreground, Robin, only came after Season 03? tho this eye-candy Canadian is definitely en route to Stardom now i tink, eh =) can't believe i'm still somewhat influenced by Quebec frens i met while playing Utopia n Cronous a long time back. but dat's cool

n next is One Piece !!!
now now, i still like Naruto & Bleach but decided to give this anime a try due to an exodus of fren's recommendations bla bla.. rite now I'm only at episode 124 n i juz can't STOP! basically d main guy u see is called Monkey D. Luffy aka Captain(dun mind Japs they aren't really logical w/ English but their storylines r mind blowing). from left is Miss AllSunday(nt sure if she'll join d crew 'cuz i'm still so far behind grrrr). followed by Usopp d Exaggerator, Vivi d Princess, Sanji d Cook, Nami d Navigator, Roronoa Zoro d Swordsman & Chopper d Medic on d right.


ahh yes I've not missed d weekly-never-failing-to-excite, WWE Raw & Smackdown!! Randy Orton looks really cool now w/ dat eight o-clock shave.. he kinda reminds me of a bunkmate back in my NS days minus d beard haha. n d Mexican flavour Sin Cara is amazing! i'm still waiting to see what heights he can reach considering his impressive debut n matchups. 

oh it was so funny to see Mr. Cole get his face plummeted in his own glass covering by Jerry the King Lawler HAHAH. tho i feel kinda sad dat Booker T's juz letting him run his mouth. seriously, MyPiss(Michael) Cole's lame colloquies can easily be retorted rite off d back of my head. he really shud juz shut up, go back to sports commentary n stop embarrassing himself.

aite now till next time, BYEEEE!! ^^

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