Sunday, 15 January 2017


So the pain was giving me some sorta headache on the first day. 
Thought it was just lack of sleep. Slept it off
Day two I had to get some panadol to ease off the nagging sharp pain.
Day three was simply painkiller nation all day evrrry day
Went straight to SGH upon colleagues' recommendation
Pretty efficient system imo just went into a room
Then went out to wait
Then went into another room
Then went out to wait
Then went into another room
And was told I would be referred to a dentist on Monday
$130 isn't too bad I guess for the super saiyan level painkiller they prescribed
And a referral letter which I assume would mean a slightly subsidized treatment? 
I don't know man I'm a virgin to all of these
Couldn't eat my favourite food
Couldn't play my handphone games
Sharp pain that goes straight up my ear into my brain/neural sensors or whatever u call it
Man.. I thought Jesus was coming back
But it's all good tho
Gonna try and hit the sack now
Cya in snooze town !!

Monday, 12 December 2016


so i've got a new vlog up titled SYDNEY GLOW #3
ready for an ear-eye orgasm?
well then simply smash that play button! haha

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

WWE Survivor Series 2016 . JB Night Market August Throwback

so WWE Survivor Series 2016 was a major success!

"holy shit" chants all over
an RKO outta no where with the People's Elbow. 'nuff said ❤

Goldberg.. Goldberg.. Goldberg.. absolute icon since forever. no doubt
if you haven't seen it on WWE network then you prolly missed out smth cool


so a few months back in around August, my mum, aunts and I visited JB on a monday for a quick retreat across the border. managed to visit the weekly "pasar malam" just outside KSL.

getting a little something to eat  while the ladies do their hair

never been to such unique night markets before so it was quite an eye-opener as compared to the ones I used to go.

back to Komtar JBCC for a second
and it was back to Singapore via private hire. 

btw i have to commend this driver because he is not just able to speak four different languages, he is quite a smart guy with regards to keeping his transport business safe. how should i put it.. he abides by the rules when in JB by paying for protection and safety with the territorial head of the place and also observes the rules when in Singapore. obviously in Singapore we don't have gangs or overlords because we are way more advanced and developed than our neighbouring countries but still, i do respect his self-preservation and work ethics.

u should be able to find him at the walkway in between City Square Mall and Komtar JBCC constantly calling out "Singapore, Singapore.. Ah Singapore, Singapore..". quite easy to identify as the average skinny guy just under 1.75m but with rudy big eyes that reveal he doesn't spend a lot of unhealthy time in front of a computer but rather, sees the real outside world and scenery a lot more than most of us do.

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Perth, WA Vlogs

episode one of my Perth Vlog series is up! 

enjoy watching mates =)
will be doing a blog post too with tips & such soon so stay tuned! haha

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

WWE RAW in London

i don't know which is more exciting.. WWE in London or Shane McMahon in charge of Monday Night RAW. lol anyway things are pretty much gonna get shaken up for the better i presume. at least from what i've seen so far since Wrestlemania

Monday, 18 April 2016

Bubble Bump

a couple weeks ago was my first attempt at Bubble Bump

for first-timers, it's pretty demanding physically i'd say especially having to think in a tired state lol. but as long as u've had some form of PE lessons before or do some exercise every now & then, it wouldn't be a problem for u. cuz it was undoubtedly very fun.. minus the smell of pespiration.. lol that wasn't so fun for me imo.

but yea.. absolutely worth a shot if u haven't tried it before.
we did it at Kovan Sports Centre
for information on other possible locations, u can scroll back up & hit that Bubble Bump link. cheers

Thursday, 31 March 2016

East Coast Park

so i recently visited East Coast Park on Monday morning.

was a fairly simple bus ride. boarded bus 31 from my house downstairs & alighted at the stop opposite Victoria school. a short 450m walk & tada!

quite a sight to behold imo.. considering i haven't been there for the longest time yet haha. sand & waters aren't as clean as compared to the beaches in NSW, Australia tho but that's to be expected i guess.

i'll have to admit, the beach, sky & trees all look kinda nice collectively so i had to capture it.. with me inside of course haha. it's kinda like a relief from the homesick feeling i get of missing Australia even though i wasn't born there. but i could definitely see myself living there from time to time as my second home. just going to the beach daily to chill out read a book enjoy the waves etc.

in fact i'm the kinda guy who doesn't mind living on a budget because i place more importance on soaking in the atmosphere & such. so i can do without the 5-star hotels or fancy food but i'm sure there are many ways to find comfort & a wide variety of ways people enjoy themselves so.. no worries mate it's all good haha

ended off with a cool little starbucks breakfast set before heading home.

all in all ECP's worth a try if you're just looking for some alone time to relax away from the city but not too far from society either that you have no 4G etc.