Friday, 8 August 2014

Russia . United States of America . Singapore

based on World Bank's July 2014 statistics 
Russia has a a PPP(purchasing power parity) of $3.461 trillion in 2013
by October 2013, 35% of all its financial assets are owned by a mere 110 individuals
hmm.. that's just sad for the other folks now i reckon

in 2013 Russia's imports are estimated at $341 billion
just below Singapore's of $373 billion?!
in 2013 Russia's exports are estimated at $515 billion
just a tad above Singapore's of $410 billion?!

lol wow.. i guess we're doing quite well
considering as of July 2014, Russia still has an external DEBT of $720.9 billion
as compared to Indonesia's $251 billion
and us Singaporeans at $0. not bad eh
yup! we have no debt.. we have no natural resources too sadly :(

abt that.. Russia has a massive amount of natural resources
in fact quite a large % of export is derived from their energy exports(gas & oil)
they also have impressive combat aircraft & air defence systems
i'm not sure about their ban on food imports from EU & US etc though
i keep thinkin that their food & nutrition is already severely lacking in quality, no?

what's their deal? what are they thinking?
what do d common Russian citizens have to say?
i guess i'll just have to wait & see what unfolds by 2015/16

come on USA hurry up with your country's revival
you have plenty of friends here in South-east Asia! hihi
gogogo keep up your surge in power
make it a multi-faceted growth too while you're at it not just in economy

the Swedish welcomes you, gladly if i might add
Canada should be happy to assist too
surely they don't want to see France in Europe get 
decimated by the mindless brute force of future mother Russia

ok.. facts turning into fantasy here LOL dot dot dot..
i should just stop & go to bed haha
but first lemme take a se.. (shut up, me!!)

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Thoughts on Compelling New Job . LCS 2014

so i recently started working at my new job
such a different environment compared to any other i've experienced thus far

this is one of the several areas that i can be stationed at during my shift.

unquestionably, i love the scenery(plants, trees, flowers, faraway horizons etc etc) & how it eases my eyes off of the years of fatigue build-up it has gone thru staring at screens. of course, there has to be a balance in everything, i guess this period is a great "rehab" time for the side effects i've obtained by growing up as a computer gamer. gonna take a long while before i can recover tho but i'll surely welcome it w/ open arms.

expel the bad, retain the good.
that's what it's all about baby =D haha

everything seems intertwined as well because somehow, i feel d atmosphere here is just strikingly relaxed & acutely positive at d same time. perhaps it's just my current forward-looking mindset dat exaggerates its affirmation abt this place but surely there has to be some truth in it for me to think this way eh. haha

albeit d salary is markedly low.. i mean it can't even be classified as d average mean of a grunt's pay in d first-world city dat we live in. but then again there r so many plus points to this job dat it kinda overrules this meagre disparity imo. besides, d main point is d leniency that this vocation provides onto my mental & physical state. i have to use this time to see where my next path lies. 

since i'm already quite competent & knowledgeable in some of d best deals toward food, drinks & snacks, survivability shouldn't be an issue during this break time. well i say break because it's quite similar to showing up for a longer guard duty & getting some pocket money for it. lol.. anyway so i just need to gauge how much i can spare toward my preferences(e.g. koi milk tea vs coffee shop milk tea) as i can get quite selective at times due to varying reasons. undoubtedly, d staple diet of carbs, protein, fibre & micro nutrients is a top priority dat i have in place over my taste buds dat's for sure haha.

there r so many more attractive options like upgrading to become a full-timer in this line of work or simply finding any full-time job out there but right now, i prefer this three-four days of work per week. it's absurdly easy for me to find a full-time job dat pays me well into d 2k grade but at wad cost? my enjoyment or satisfaction? pfft.. been there done that took a picture yadayada.. which is y i prefer to take some time to think abt it thoroughly. let it brew at d back of my mind for a bit while i continue to be an asset to my current vocation =) i expect it to not be so soon dat i can show myself to be a trustworthy, reliable & dependable employee. every good thing needs time to bloom & so it'll be d same for me. yes there r some exceptions but i'd prefer to haul ass instead of dreaming to win a lottery ticket. fruits of labour baby haha.


back to watching League of Legends
so much to catch up on especially week 10 & juicy 11. roar!!

btw this team composition man.. 
hashtag whatjusthappened hashtag nextlevelstuff
LOL! holy macaroni indeed!
i guess if it's in d LCS means.. it's gotta be legit in Solo Q now =PPP

omgosh this most recent sub team for CLG <3 <3 !!
is HotshotGG gonna be back?!! WOOHOO! Chaox too!
putting d pieces in play right here i'm lovin it! haha

Friday, 25 July 2014

WWE NXT 24 July 2014 . TF2 escapade

so i'm supposed to be talking abt how remarkable WWE Battleground is
but i'm pretty sure there is talk aplenty of it already so i'll skip right pass

WWE NXT seems like a diamond in d rough!
haven't caught its hype after season two due to too many dam WWE shows in a week
in a way diluting its brand into extinction, almost, if this keeps up.
but yea.. i'm glad i returned to it this week because WOW.. just WOW
this new breed of in-ring-performing athletes has enormous potential imo!
it's like d entire standard has gone up a few notches!
definitely excited to see d next generation of WWE superstars in d future.

this Charlotte is simply fantastic! gorgeous, fit, smart, & just pleasing to d eye if there's such a term. haha.. i'm glad she beat Summer Rae tho cuz it looked like Ms. Rae has her work cut out for her on acquiring some offensive manoeuvres or just really implementing a few moves that can really allow d audience to see some flow thruout d match. i seldom watch d divas in action but this was definitely one of those few i'd be happy to not hit d fastforward button on!

ok it seems like Rusev is competing back-2-back-2-back-2-back here.. r they even allowed to do that? lol i mean i'm not complaining here but he faced a tier two wrestler in Jack Swagger on Sunday, Great Khali on Monday, Jack Swagger again on Tuesday & now an NXT Champion? albeit going back to NXT to bring up d ratings is like a walk in d park if i was Rusev. i guess sometimes it's quite relaxing taking a grade one test when you're already at five or so. no matter.. i think this fella's endurance is as high as u can get but i'm curious to see now.. which tier three wrestler r they gonna pair him up with & how long will he need to prepare for such a match. perhaps until d next Wrestlemania? hmm.. we can only wait & see haha.


just a quick update on my eyes. it seems quite possible to naturally recover from lazy eyes, but it's taking a SUPERBLY long process for me. i've noticed slight progression in d control of my vision now but based on estimates & simple calculation it's gonna take me another 10-15 years at least to fully regain perfect sight. well maybe just 90% considering my age by then. a lot of factors come into play actually because a human body has only so much capabilities to work on smth while expending energy on many other minor items(breathing, digesting etc etc) while focusing on smth w/ intent. which is y i seem to notice an incline in d regeneration process of my lazy eye problem after taking in supplementation for pre/post-workout. because my body now has aid in recovering from stuff like muscle tissue tear etc so it can shift its attention elsewhere. better eyesight also somehow translates to better thought process. or it could just be a coincidence i can only theorise it right now. of cuz.. by regeneration i mean billions upon billions of cells being replaced just for this eye thinggy'. couild even be more as i speak who knows. 

will keep this diary posted on any major discovery/observation w/ regards to this matter.


recently went back to playing TF2 for a couple of days
quite contented w/ d ranking i obtained in one of d servers =D

not to mention there's always gotta be a moment of fun WITHIN d fun! haha

just a temporary thing while i wait to start my new job.
can't go back to WarFrame cuz commitment may just be too high on my brain as compared to TF2. kinda sad tho i miss WarFrame & all d frens i met there. even spent some real cash on it whereas i'm still a free player in TF2 hehe. Steam Steam oh my.. oh well just a game =) how i wish they could give me more than one inventory page since i DID spend on WarFrame & d old CS game =X

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Street Fighter Assassin's Fist

just finished watching a couple movies

  • Non Stop
  • Pompeii
  • 300 Rise of an Empire
  • Edge of Tomorrow
  • Street Fighter Assassin's Fist

pretty dam entertaining imo. definitely worth the ticket or DVD if u bought/rented it.

Monday, 23 June 2014

20 June 2014 Cell Group Meeting

wemt for friday night cgm.
prolly d only one for d whole month! lol
anyway a word "discipline" stood out toward me during Shilin's sharing
she's such an angel really.. or perhaps superman's long lost cousin or smth
talked a lil about her time when she was helping Sun for a month
talking abt Sun's discipline shocked me actually
explains y God will use someone like her i'd prolly quit within 3 days i reckon
so yea after that went home n this latest Marc Fitt's video popped up
also emphasizing abt Discipline.
LOLOL i guess this word is for me bah.. at least for a season perhaps.

Saturday, 14 June 2014

Men's Meeting 2014 - June

just went for churchwide men's meeting today.
felt like it was totally worth it making time for the event.
hope i can implement it in my life! well at least 10% would suffice imo
cheers to a greater year ahead.

Saturday, 7 June 2014

California Fitness

so i recently signed up for a one-year membership at California Fitness haha woohoo!
been researching ard for a couple mths prior to this as to which gym would be most suitable to my needs, wants & available financial resources so figured i made a pretty choice selection =)

here's wad Fitness First provides..
  • a set of workout attire upon check-in
  • two thick & large towers
  • free flow of water, coke, iced lemon tea, 100plus(or equivalent) plus hot tea & coffee
  • a wide array of locations for u to visit as u prefer (3 of which r near my workplace)
  • steam & sauna rooms (only a few places have no sauna due to space constrains)
  • bathroom amenities like cotton buds, tissue papers, hair dryers, gels & sprays
  • automated clothes-dryer
  • lockers which do not require u to bring ur own padlocks
  • swimming area at some outlets
  • free classes as u please
  • most clubs close at 1030 or 11pm on weekdays.
  • clubs close at 6 or 7pm on weekends & PH
  • able to bring a family member or fren for free on weekends once membership hits 10 mths.
  • $150-170 / mth (which would be overkill for me atm lol)

SAFRA Energy One provides..
  • two large towers
  • free flow of water
  • five outlets (but all of which aren't exactly convenient or easily accessible for me)
  • steam rooms only
  • bathroom amenities like cotton buds, tissue papers & hair dryers
  • lockers which do not require u to bring ur own padlocks
  • olympic-sized swimming pools (partitioned from gym but is free for SAFRA members)
  • clubs close at 10pm on weekdays
  • $50-70 / mth for one club
  • $50-100 / mth for all clubs (need to be SAFRA member)

California Fitness provides..
  • one large & one small tower (not thick but adequate)
  • free flow of water
  • four locations (one of which is appreciably near my workplace)
  • steam & sauna rooms (having both options is definitely a part of my needs)
  • bathroom amenities like cotton buds, tissue papers & hair dryers
  • clubs close at 12am on weekdays.
  • clubs close at 10pm on weekends or PH
  • $89 / mth for one club (mine was $79 instead tks to salesperson lol)
  • $119 / mth for all clubs (anything above $100 is overkill for me atm sry)

i think there're a few more other brands like True Fitness & Gold's Gym but they dun exactly match up in my criteria compared to d abovementioned ones. not gonna go into details as it would take a lil too much effort on my part LOL but honestly, nth against them tho. i tink they're a wonderful option for a variety of enthusiasts. in fact one of my buddies is a member of True Fitness! pretty swag outlets especially d new one at Suntec =)

will try to get some pictures some day cuz all text may seem like a turn off @.@


recently met up with a fren to hang out at Mustafa mall
ate, shopped & chitchatted etc from 12 midnight to 6am LOL
even had some ideas or plans for an overseas holiday trip some time soon etc
didn't buy much but it was fun!
how i wish i could have more of these haha
of cuz i gotta continue working so i have enuf funds to be able to do such stuff every now n then eh =)
he also gave me some advice on how to improve myself at work or just in life etc. even tho he may not be a Christian or some elderly pastor it's fine cuz i definitely appreciate it! could even be God speaking thru him eh who knows? anything is possible when u have an open mind haha

Monday, 26 May 2014

TUF 19

TUF season 19 has just been totally enjoyable thus far!
leaves one wanting for more hehe.. 
if u aren't watching yet, not sure wad u're doing man =P


so it's like only 2014 n already i'm seeing so many signs
signs of girls being more n more beautiful to behold by every five years
signs of ppl loving themselves ever more than b4
signs of increased fragmentation in every aspect of life

i mean we all know in d 2nd coming there's gonna be one woman who is so alluring n just exquisite dat all kings/leaders/presidents etc of d world will "worship" her. kinda scary thinking abt it i wonder how ladies of 2050 can augment d power play of 2030 or even 2020.. shall continue subconscious observation

then there's this crazy phenomenon of everyone just tryin to stack up stuff for themselves. can be d form of gadgets, shoes, clothes, bags etc. everyone just caring for themselves way more than before. especially in fitness u see so much of aesthetics bodybuilding(meaning just striving toward a perfect symmetry of body composition etc etc). everyone just wanting to edge their male or female counterparts in terms of looks bla bla bla.

n then it comes down to life seeing fewer n fewer ppl with d ability to truly focus on wad they want. so many things just vying for our attention from shows to food to games to u-get-my-point. every topic just branches out into a staggering array of sub categories dat just drives ur brain into a migraine trying to absorb all d information u require.

no idea if it's pure coincidence dat i'm noticing these circumstances.. guess it's just smth i was born with. but then again how will d world be deformed into by 2078 or 2076? n how will we all be transcended into new beings/bodies/minds? will we all be capable of flight? perhaps able to fully tap into our brains n function as engineers of space. perhaps by then we would be trained to take over d other planets n then adjacent solar systems?

bah.. w/e.. time to watch some UFC 173