Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Perth, WA Vlogs

episode one of my Perth Vlog series is up! 

enjoy watching mates =)
will be doing a blog post too with tips & such soon so stay tuned! haha

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

WWE RAW in London

i don't know which is more exciting.. WWE in London or Shane McMahon in charge of Monday Night RAW. lol anyway things are pretty much gonna get shaken up for the better i presume. at least from what i've seen so far since Wrestlemania

Monday, 18 April 2016

Bubble Bump

a couple weeks ago was my first attempt at Bubble Bump

for first-timers, it's pretty demanding physically i'd say especially having to think in a tired state lol. but as long as u've had some form of PE lessons before or do some exercise every now & then, it wouldn't be a problem for u. cuz it was undoubtedly very fun.. minus the smell of pespiration.. lol that wasn't so fun for me imo.

but yea.. absolutely worth a shot if u haven't tried it before.
we did it at Kovan Sports Centre
for information on other possible locations, u can scroll back up & hit that Bubble Bump link. cheers

Thursday, 31 March 2016

East Coast Park

so i recently visited East Coast Park on Monday morning.

was a fairly simple bus ride. boarded bus 31 from my house downstairs & alighted at the stop opposite Victoria school. a short 450m walk & tada!

quite a sight to behold imo.. considering i haven't been there for the longest time yet haha. sand & waters aren't as clean as compared to the beaches in NSW, Australia tho but that's to be expected i guess.

i'll have to admit, the beach, sky & trees all look kinda nice collectively so i had to capture it.. with me inside of course haha. it's kinda like a relief from the homesick feeling i get of missing Australia even though i wasn't born there. but i could definitely see myself living there from time to time as my second home. just going to the beach daily to chill out read a book enjoy the waves etc.

in fact i'm the kinda guy who doesn't mind living on a budget because i place more importance on soaking in the atmosphere & such. so i can do without the 5-star hotels or fancy food but i'm sure there are many ways to find comfort & a wide variety of ways people enjoy themselves so.. no worries mate it's all good haha

ended off with a cool little starbucks breakfast set before heading home.

all in all ECP's worth a try if you're just looking for some alone time to relax away from the city but not too far from society either that you have no 4G etc.

Thursday, 29 October 2015

Sydney Love 2015 Part 1

my trip to Sydney was simply amazing!

took tons of photos & videos whilst there.. so now it's time to share the joy!

more photos in my Facebook page's photo album =)

unquestionably i'll need to visit again 

Sunday, 6 September 2015

WWE SummerSlam 2015

WOW it's been so long since i've blogged!
well if there's anything worth the resumption, it's gotta be WWE straight up =)

SummerSlam kicked off with one of the best skits i've seen all quarter!

look at this magnificent spectacle

a pretty fine kick-off match between Mr. RKO & Mr. YLS. i don't know why but i find Sheamus' entrance pretty enticing! makes me wanna go do some push ups! lol

this Rollins guy is no joke. athletic, intelligent, hardworking & endearing to acting his part

WOW.. just.. WOW! brb imma go ice my eyes for a bit one sec

now i need to ice my whole damn monitor look at the steam behind my screen! my GOodness! <3 well you know.. the PCB can invoke submissions all over me anytime they so please tbh

this Kevin Owens guy.. unquestionably deserving of the title "WWE Superstar". as if NXT wasn't tough enough on his body, he had to compete against the Swiss Superman in Cesaro the next day. simply amazing!

of course.. here came the main event. one word, four syllable, #SuplexCity
it's quite fun you should try it.. don't believe it? you can ask that BoLieve guy =P

WWE RAW the next day.. guy on left deserves a one-week vacation to Iceland.. so he can grow some common sense brother.. LOL he's kinda funny tho..

BRING THE TABLES!! epic return by the Dudley Boys oh testify.. lol

RAW just keeps getting more & more exciting! a massive add-on to the Wyatt Family like that kinda leaves you in anticipation on what's gonna happen the next few months!

& just when you thought nothing else could top that off.. HERE COMES STING! my oh my oh my! i think it's safe to say the crowd had more than their money's worth that night! simply amazing plots unfolding. unbelievable! 

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

UFC 189 Hype

really hyped after watching all the World Tour Press Conferences & Embedded Vlogs for the UFC 189. amazing amazing stuff really cannot wait to catch it on PPV!


quite happy to see Al Iaquinta in the recent UFC Fight Night. i reckon he had chosen the right state to move to, unquestionably, when he planted his roots down in New York. there's even Matt Serra in his corner could be really helpful with improving his ground game. he's d kinda guy i feel will achieve superstar status like Anderson Silva or GSP if he just somehow catches that one thing that can get him up the next level.