Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Dyrus Dynamism

randomly checking twitch for cool streamers
and Dyrus is back! much awesome such wow =D

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Dignitas Imaqtpie . Shadow of Mordor

just watching Imaqtpie stream League of Legends at 4am my time..
i'll tell you this.. he's kinda entertaining!! LOL

WHY ME... WHY QQQQQ LOL this guy..

he definitely deserves all those good-guy donations!

it's really hilarious watching him try to BM on a smurf too.. LOL like d way he tries hard at being rude is just so funny! hahhaha omgosh this guy. his nick sounds like he's a cutie pie too!


also returned to watching TheMediaCows complete another series walkthrough, this time on the game called Shadow of Mordor. done quite excellently too imo!

whoever or whichever group created this game must have been some kinda genius! extremely detailed & well crafted with so many side quests, objectives & a splendid storyline.. makes me think that d Final Fantasy trilogy is nothing compared to this

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

New Job Update Second MOnth

so it's been two months since i started work here in this new vocation
definitely a stage where i can continue to learn more abt myself
also met some peeps who joined in the same batch as i
whom i'd reckon have moved past acquaintanceship into more like friends..
well at least i'd like to think so! haha

so we have a unisex group name, the Majesty's Jewels !
haha a lot of brainstorming was involved alright!
dat's me in my relaxed state (obviously forced) on your left
(i mean who would stand like i do while waiting for a plate of fried char quay teow?
now imagine dat.. nope.. just nope.. )

followed by Yong Xian d future lawyer
followed by Haziq d resourceful ngee ann poly graduate
followed by Denise d cool & hip on your right
each w/ different & quite interesting stories to their lives
but i'm pretty low on energy now.. too low to pen em down
but yea it's surely gonna be etched in my memory no doubt

besides that.. it's also my first time receiving a PAY INCREMENT! 

yup! WOOHOO like barely done with the first month & them bosses & higher-ups decided to be more generous, which i unquestionably appreciate & APPROVE! haha

too bad it's just a three-month contract tho & i might not be renewing cuz of some stupid reservist. gonna be a high-key one this year too urgh. oh well i can't stay in this pseudo work-rest relationship for too long anyway. should've been ample enough time for me to recuperate & go back to being full-time at something! 

Friday, 19 September 2014

League of Legends World Championship Has Begun!

as highlighted above.. WOOHOO!
right at the onset.. BOOM!
haha no doubt the atmosphere there in Taiwan is going to escalate!

Kobe, Deficio & d beautiful Sjokz at d interview lounge

Analyst's Desk in full capacity here!

with some of my favourite casters kicking things off! 

First blood has been sentenced, by Samsung White! Dandy OP!

followed by a sweet dragon trade for that ROI! Edward Gaming says thank u very much!

first major outplay down bottom lane! he shud change his nick to MARKSMAN imo lol

they get a shut down on a five & o Imp. can EDG swing this momentum into a W?

well u'll have to tune in yourself to find out!
with EDG vs SSW as the first round-robin match,,
u'll feel like u definitely cannot ask for anything better!
gotta work tmr so i'll just watch d rest after knocking off =))


so d ongoing four-year-and-counting trial for my church is coming to a close soon. or at least that's wad has been predicted. kinda cool going thru so much heat to help us expand, root deeper & soar higher both corporately & individually. unquestionably this has been a challenge we needed to overcome in order to go up to that next level we've been destined to attain.

it felt kinda unjustified & lonely at first but when i found out other hyper successful organizations experienced or are still going thru somewhat of d same issue, it was surely a comforting note to myself.

funny how haters r getting more masterful & recognition nowadays & a few even have wad it takes to slander in such a way that d innocent starts looking guilty. the amount of cunning has certainly risen a few notches! but it's cool cuz obviously we haven't done anything wrong as falsely accused by some third-party subjective losers out there.

Thursday, 11 September 2014

League of Legends 2014 Worlds

Alliance & TSM let's go!

absolutely sensational!! exhilarating!
NOT GONNA MISS THIS that's for sure haha

Friday, 5 September 2014


d 1st Sep WWE RAW was prolly one of d best episodes thus far this year!

if u haven't seen it yet, i have absolutely no idea wad r u thinking!
haha jkjk we all got commitments eh.. 
but yea if u wanna catch anything else WWE.. u can do so at JUST $9.99! YES! $9.99!


so Ocelote is back in competitive league! recently saw his stream & he was doing some scrim or 5v5 practice with some new team called G2. outstanding! good to see him working on more strategies now besides d basic ones like engaging only when u're an item up etc.. hope they can be so skilled dat they can one day compete with EU West's Alliance! of cuz i love Wickd cuz he's best solo top player WORLD imo.

Friday, 8 August 2014

Russia . United States of America . Singapore

based on World Bank's July 2014 statistics 
Russia has a a PPP(purchasing power parity) of $3.461 trillion in 2013
by October 2013, 35% of all its financial assets are owned by a mere 110 individuals
hmm.. that's just sad for the other folks now i reckon

in 2013 Russia's imports are estimated at $341 billion
just below Singapore's of $373 billion?!
in 2013 Russia's exports are estimated at $515 billion
just a tad above Singapore's of $410 billion?!

lol wow.. i guess we're doing quite well
considering as of July 2014, Russia still has an external DEBT of $720.9 billion
as compared to Indonesia's $251 billion
and us Singaporeans at $0. not bad eh
yup! we have no debt.. we have no natural resources too sadly :(

abt that.. Russia has a massive amount of natural resources
in fact quite a large % of export is derived from their energy exports(gas & oil)
they also have impressive combat aircraft & air defence systems
i'm not sure about their ban on food imports from EU & US etc though
i keep thinkin that their food & nutrition is already severely lacking in quality, no?

what's their deal? what are they thinking?
what do d common Russian citizens have to say?
i guess i'll just have to wait & see what unfolds by 2015/16

come on USA hurry up with your country's revival
you have plenty of friends here in South-east Asia! hihi
gogogo keep up your surge in power
make it a multi-faceted growth too while you're at it not just in economy

the Swedish welcomes you, gladly if i might add
Canada should be happy to assist too
surely they don't want to see France in Europe get 
decimated by the mindless brute force of future mother Russia

ok.. facts turning into fantasy here LOL dot dot dot..
i should just stop & go to bed haha
but first lemme take a se.. (shut up, me!!)

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Thoughts on Compelling New Job . LCS 2014

so i recently started working at my new job
such a different environment compared to any other i've experienced thus far

this is one of the several areas that i can be stationed at during my shift.

unquestionably, i love the scenery(plants, trees, flowers, faraway horizons etc etc) & how it eases my eyes off of the years of fatigue build-up it has gone thru staring at screens. of course, there has to be a balance in everything, i guess this period is a great "rehab" time for the side effects i've obtained by growing up as a computer gamer. gonna take a long while before i can recover tho but i'll surely welcome it w/ open arms.

expel the bad, retain the good.
that's what it's all about baby =D haha

everything seems intertwined as well because somehow, i feel d atmosphere here is just strikingly relaxed & acutely positive at d same time. perhaps it's just my current forward-looking mindset dat exaggerates its affirmation abt this place but surely there has to be some truth in it for me to think this way eh. haha

albeit d salary is markedly low.. i mean it can't even be classified as d average mean of a grunt's pay in d first-world city dat we live in. but then again there r so many plus points to this job dat it kinda overrules this meagre disparity imo. besides, d main point is d leniency that this vocation provides onto my mental & physical state. i have to use this time to see where my next path lies. 

since i'm already quite competent & knowledgeable in some of d best deals toward food, drinks & snacks, survivability shouldn't be an issue during this break time. well i say break because it's quite similar to showing up for a longer guard duty & getting some pocket money for it. lol.. anyway so i just need to gauge how much i can spare toward my preferences(e.g. koi milk tea vs coffee shop milk tea) as i can get quite selective at times due to varying reasons. undoubtedly, d staple diet of carbs, protein, fibre & micro nutrients is a top priority dat i have in place over my taste buds dat's for sure haha.

there r so many more attractive options like upgrading to become a full-timer in this line of work or simply finding any full-time job out there but right now, i prefer this three-four days of work per week. it's absurdly easy for me to find a full-time job dat pays me well into d 2k grade but at wad cost? my enjoyment or satisfaction? pfft.. been there done that took a picture yadayada.. which is y i prefer to take some time to think abt it thoroughly. let it brew at d back of my mind for a bit while i continue to be an asset to my current vocation =) i expect it to not be so soon dat i can show myself to be a trustworthy, reliable & dependable employee. every good thing needs time to bloom & so it'll be d same for me. yes there r some exceptions but i'd prefer to haul ass instead of dreaming to win a lottery ticket. fruits of labour baby haha.


back to watching League of Legends
so much to catch up on especially week 10 & juicy 11. roar!!

btw this team composition man.. 
hashtag whatjusthappened hashtag nextlevelstuff
LOL! holy macaroni indeed!
i guess if it's in d LCS means.. it's gotta be legit in Solo Q now =PPP

omgosh this most recent sub team for CLG <3 <3 !!
is HotshotGG gonna be back?!! WOOHOO! Chaox too!
putting d pieces in play right here i'm lovin it! haha