Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Captivating History

so i just had a 45 min crash course in human antiquity
self-taught stuff could prove to be rather pragmatic & viable

similarities & differences of nobilities in Great Britain, France, Germany, Sweden & Russia.. Knights to Earls to Archdukes etc

further readings about Sweden being newest member in d European Union. early migrations to midwestern regions of United States including northern parts like Minnesota. Swedes are, imo, far more capable than just providing defensive/peacekeeping support in Europe tho.. also d only one, if not, one of d few who successfully invaded Russia for territory, which explains d existence of Finland i suppose. very thought-provoking to know abt their relationship with France & Germany too

could Operation Paperclip(WWII reparations) be d cause of USA's technological augmentation & global superiority? harvesting German scientists etc in d 1950s.. well i wouldn't know but definitely sparking a bit of curiosity for me.

a provocative, inducing & fascinating history lesson by myself tks to d availability of internet. definitely appreciate it much. 

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Gloves Protection Idea

so i've been thinking about this for some time now
y hasn't anyone fabricated a pair of gloves like this one..

don't mind my terrible drawing on Windows Paint
but yea.. just wanna get d idea across haha
benefits r mentioned inside d artwork
with a tiny string or thinggy'  tied to d mid section of d fingers n thumb to avoid messing up the layer of cloth, thus keeping it in d position it's supposed to be.

Friday, 28 February 2014

WWE . Wyatt Family . Undertaker . Overdrive . Must Watch PPV

WWE Elimination Chamber 2014


WWE Monday Night RAW



so dr. Cho has been convicted & made to pay three years behind bars for his son's actions is wad i heard. i hope the Yoido Full Gospel church in Seoul Korea does not get an arduous smite or the entire nation might just begin to crumble n dwindle in all facets of its economic, cultural n influential uprising. unquestionably a different case here w/ pst. Kong n crew. i'll be expecting a positive outcome surely so we can move on into assured betterment.


final 2 weeks here of training for my reservist ippt year 3 of 10. have to take d test relatively soon before march 26. planning a couple days earlier for safety reasons. really hope they'd scrape this system for inactive personnels tho. a complete garbage waste of time imo for multiple reasons actually.

Friday, 21 February 2014

Europe League of Legends Championship Series Week Six Day One

watching my fav EU LCS game right now
definitely very entertaining with Quickshot & Deman casting as well!
will the Russian Powerhouse Gambit's substitutes bring about a surprise victory?
i will have to continue watching to find out =)

wow Sjokz looks gorgeous! imo just beautiful really
her neck length is as perfect as it can get
with d tip of d collar bones protruding just slightly
jawline, cheekbones just everything, formin a perfect symmetry of allure
it's gonna be weird if i'm d only guy who thinks dat way
but u really just can't hide d truth i reckon. hopefully i'm not alone in this! haha

btw this ROCCAT team seems like d new unstoppable force
pillaging everything in EU right now.. impressive Polish inddeed!

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Fabulous February

as Sunday draws to a close
w/ only a can of redbull & sips of water
dat has lasted me thru breakfast, lunch & dinner..
as i mull over my bank's whopping $1 account
i begin to wonder abt all d thoughts & emotions 
dat have accompanied my predicament
shud i cry? how temporary
shud i construe up some self promises? how useless
instead i have chosen to pen down an entry 
of another point in my life..
as real as it gets i guess.. 
no fa├žades, just me

who or wad can i blame? nobody except myself
i am simply suffering d consequences
of d misjudgement of my choices
ending a contract without adequate savings..
yearning for a break
overestimating my abilities 
& endurance in acquiring d job i want after resting
thinking i dun have to mass-send resumes like others
n just focus on d vocation i want
& labouring to get dat
without knowledge of how long it'll take
or whether it REALLY is wad i want..
or wad God wants for me

but right now i need money
who cares abt fame or politics or friends
when i cant even afford one meal a day?
wad r all these secondary & tertiary needs
when i'm abt to die due to lack of pyramid baseline?
then again, starving for a day isn't much
a far better punishment 
than chopping a hand off i guess
i DO still have, however, two sets of cup noodles
two packets of maggie & couple porkballs
which can help me survive a tad bit longer
& protein shake dat can replace 
one meal per day for a month longer
so i guess that's settled

perhaps i'm not really a big-picture kinda guy
preferring specifics to generics, instructions especially
will be getting a side job for now
earn some income to supply my study loan repayment,
hand phone bills, transport & food etc.
while waiting for Garena 
to open up a slot for me as shoutcaster.
seems so difficult tho but i'm still hoping for a chance one day
i know d saying "if it was easy, everyone would do it"
but right now i'm d one trying to do it
& d journey isn't all that pleasant imo.. daunting even
d only method i currently know is to keep creating videos
to showcase my skills..
entertain subs & attract more viewers or likes
allow them hirers to see i not only want it
but i have d tenacity to be an asset if contracted
a consistent, dependable employee
i know chances r bleak but
i shall hang w/ it for now
as d saying goes.. 
"if u keep throwing shit at d wall, some day smth will eventually stick"

fabulous february indeed

Thursday, 23 January 2014

ICT December 2013

oops! looks like my blogging abt d latest reservist has been long overdue! my bad haven't really made the time to pen down them thoughts earlier..

so it seems our 3rd year ICT was super packed! almost couldn't keep up with a filled up itinerary! but i guess it's still kinda fun n challenging going thru sleeping after 11pm daily while having to wake up 530am d next to draw arms etc.. almost like NSF days imo! worse for commanders too i reckon since they gotta have meetings even after RO n such.

not like d usual relaxed ICTs where we get to nap for a couple hours in d afternoon or so which is definitely smth i'd look forward to haha

oh yea! saw some big shots like goh han tong n nigel real solid. an honour!

so i guess this is it for now cheers n will be back for more!

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

3 DEC personal thoughts

last friday Shilin mentioned smth toward d end of her sharing which struck me..
i dun have to care abt wad others think.. only of wad God thinks
dat's so true! 
gotta get my mind right again =)

oh n i'm also picking up a few more self-help books to read. pity i didnt pick em up earlier like 5-10 years ago cuz it's astronomical how wonderful it is!!