Thursday, 29 October 2015

Sydney Love 2015 Part 1

my trip to Sydney was simply amazing!

took tons of photos & videos whilst there.. so now it's time to share the joy!

more photos in my Facebook page's photo album =)

unquestionably i'll need to visit again 

Sunday, 6 September 2015

WWE SummerSlam 2015

WOW it's been so long since i've blogged!
well if there's anything worth the resumption, it's gotta be WWE straight up =)

SummerSlam kicked off with one of the best skits i've seen all quarter!

look at this magnificent spectacle

a pretty fine kick-off match between Mr. RKO & Mr. YLS. i don't know why but i find Sheamus' entrance pretty enticing! makes me wanna go do some push ups! lol

this Rollins guy is no joke. athletic, intelligent, hardworking & endearing to acting his part

WOW.. just.. WOW! brb imma go ice my eyes for a bit one sec

now i need to ice my whole damn monitor look at the steam behind my screen! my GOodness! <3 well you know.. the PCB can invoke submissions all over me anytime they so please tbh

this Kevin Owens guy.. unquestionably deserving of the title "WWE Superstar". as if NXT wasn't tough enough on his body, he had to compete against the Swiss Superman in Cesaro the next day. simply amazing!

of course.. here came the main event. one word, four syllable, #SuplexCity
it's quite fun you should try it.. don't believe it? you can ask that BoLieve guy =P

WWE RAW the next day.. guy on left deserves a one-week vacation to Iceland.. so he can grow some common sense brother.. LOL he's kinda funny tho..

BRING THE TABLES!! epic return by the Dudley Boys oh testify.. lol

RAW just keeps getting more & more exciting! a massive add-on to the Wyatt Family like that kinda leaves you in anticipation on what's gonna happen the next few months!

& just when you thought nothing else could top that off.. HERE COMES STING! my oh my oh my! i think it's safe to say the crowd had more than their money's worth that night! simply amazing plots unfolding. unbelievable! 

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

UFC 189 Hype

really hyped after watching all the World Tour Press Conferences & Embedded Vlogs for the UFC 189. amazing amazing stuff really cannot wait to catch it on PPV!


quite happy to see Al Iaquinta in the recent UFC Fight Night. i reckon he had chosen the right state to move to, unquestionably, when he planted his roots down in New York. there's even Matt Serra in his corner could be really helpful with improving his ground game. he's d kinda guy i feel will achieve superstar status like Anderson Silva or GSP if he just somehow catches that one thing that can get him up the next level.

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Modern War

been playing Modern War for a couple years now. it's a mobile app game dat can be used on both iOS & Andriod phones or tablets etc. we just ended another war & i'm glad our faction made top 75 once again!

also quite ecstatic to see myself (ign is marklin) in the top 12 of the faction consistently

i actually had an idea to make a video compilation of this amazing game with music & all but it would be just too troublesome considering d amt of work i have to do meticulously for it. urgh oh well.. i guess i don't have to do everything that comes across my mind.

Monday, 23 March 2015

Death of Lee Kuan Yew

so sad.. no idea why even i am feeling such crestfallen despair :((
watching d 8am emergency address now on CNA

CNA stream was lagging so bad, understandably so i believe from a huge influx of ppl tuning it i expect.

turned on my TV to continue watching instead. btw oh my goodness this Glenda Choong looks so hot even in a solemn face.

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

UFC 185 Overeem & Joanna

just finished watching UFC 185 & it was fantastic!
i like that Alistair Overeem looked pretty crisp in his varied striking offense against Roy Nelson. i think if he can work more on improving his 3-round energy level & agility after perhaps a week's rest, he can definitely reach a top 3 ranking in d Heavyweight division. woohoo congrats!

this Joanna girl is splendid! she undoubtedly has some skills & deserve to be a champion. congrats & to Poland as well! amazing

Monday, 23 February 2015

The Flash . Star Wars Rebels

recently finished watching season one of The Flash. decided to check it out after a couple friends recommended it to me. was absolutely enjoyable to say d least.

also starting on Star Wars Rebels cuz i thought it would be d continuation of Star Wars Clone Wars but unfortunately, seems like it's not going to be. kinda sad dat it got discontinued at season 6. however, i'll be very curious to continue watching after seeing how fascinating d first episode was.

of cuz, i've also consumed a ton of movies over d last few months like 22 Jump Street, What If, The Hobbit, The Interview, Step Up All In, Lucy, Dracula Untold, John Wick & many more. it seems like i've been into watching shows a lot more nowadays. not so much into playing games. but dat's cool i guess.. new phase of life brings abt new hobbies, likes, dislikes etc etc & a whole other sphere of stuff related to personality, character & thought patterns.

one conclusion i can make out of observing all these things & putting d pieces together is.. dat every country or region in d world has a certain distinct set of characteristics dat set them apart. but they all have smth surprisingly similar-whether morally, human principles or basic daily conduct. i can't seem to pinpoint it or put into words wad i know now but perhaps after more analysis has been put into it, then maybe i could decipher it in its entirety. 

or maybe i don't know wad i'm talking abt & should just mind my own business. prolly good for myself too i guess.

Sunday, 11 January 2015

WWE RAW . First Week of Work

WWE Raw was fantastic!!
caught d show quite late but for good reason! haha
anyway it was definitely worth watching!

firstly, BNB won d Intercontinental title! haha was quite a grueling match imo but i think is a good warm up for him coming back from injury. hopefully he'll use this chance well as he pursues d main steak in all of WWE belts, considering his potential ceiling is high enough to reach that of Stone Cold or Randy Orton status. all d best!!

next would be The Ascension! wow wad hype prior to their arrival! haha i'm actually quite excited to see what they can do in d main WWE roster from wad i heard is dat they passed all d tests in NXT. so yup yup.. they look like they r very eager to prove a point & make a statement every week too. i'm pretty sure their first run will already be rather sizeable after their titantron is complete or smth.

wow wad's this! wad's goin on?! r those two some new rosebuds?! haha well.. u shud go watch & find out urself =)

d Authority is back! i really like their strategies & forethoughts tbh. how they can plan things three to six months in advance. of cuz some ppl might already know it dat they r purposely acting bad to tip d scales in balance. absolutely not an easy task sometimes.

ok i'm gonna go watch Smackdown soon! quite positive dat i can squeeze in some time before bed! haha


so my first week of work was extremely eventful! really love how i've managed to survive & maybe quite possibly thrive in such a challenging yet healthily stressful environment! haha where do i even begin? hmm..

well for one, i've showed up for work 10-15 mins earlier every day & stayed 45 mins to an hour later after d supposed knock-off time. so it's like 0845 to 1900 hrs for a 9-6 job.. way more than d maximum 44 hrs per week. but it's ok because i'm new & dat's one way to show my dedication. besides i can catch up & learn d ropes faster than if i hadn't done so! lol i'd say i'm relatively prepared to continue doing this for d next few weeks or at least until i've made some credible contributions to d company!

in addition to dat i'm also keeping my direct superior/manager informed of wad i've been doing & wad is my progress for almost every task to show dat i have some initiative & accountability. good news is that i'm getting more stuff to do now in fact i have a 3rd item to start tmr which needs to be completed within d time frame of my 2nd week at work! haha my elation just CANNOT be contained baby. btw i know i previously mentioned dat my manager's hot & smart.. she's more than that! she's helpful, caring, understanding & friendly too! like a powerpuff girl but much taller haha.

i've also cut down on any leisure time during d whole week.. as a matter of fact i've not touched my computer game at all lol such a personal achievement imo ^.^ cuz by d time i return from d gym i have to sleep. i realised dat i had to catch d ZZ monster at least 8-9 hours every night so i am fully charged & alert during d day & can readily absorb wadever i need to. i can also learn from wadever mistakes i've made or am going to make in future, which i hope gets lesser! ROFL. now although all d veteran staff expect newbies to make mistakes during d first 2-3 months as is commonplace to them.. but it's still kinda embarrassing! haha oh well i'm sure i'll get over it.

there r some aspects dat i have a little difficulty achieving tho-maybe due to d fact dat more time is required or just so dat d situation hasn't come up yet etc. but i'm trying to learn to write down names of ppl i've met, where i've met them, their department & who is their in-charge if any. i'm not sure y i have to do this but i read it from some online advice somewhere so i guess it's good to give it a shot. additionally it says dat i need to get a thorough grasp of how my superior works so i can sync with her & make things run more smoothly. so far our relationship is immensely strong due to my willingness & transparency with her. but i feel like there's always room for improvement & getting a better grip on how she works & why she does some things is prolly d missing key. of cuz i know it'll take time so yup yup.. imma tone my hysteria/enthusiasm down a notch! haha

all in all.. can't wait for my 2nd week in my new vocation! it's quite tough for me but i'm gonna treasure this adventure!