Friday, 3 June 2011

Kung Fu Panda 2 . First Reservist

woooo wa! heee ya!! juz watched Kung Fu Panda 2! completely hilarious it is, with a pinch of human values instilled, if u did observe carefully dat is =) InnneR Peaceeeeee.. yess.. 50 yrs =P


so i'll be entering my 1st ever ICT(In-Camp Training), or in other words, Reservist lol. from wad i've heard, it's not as tiresome as NS days. more like a time to rest up n recover from a year of tough employment/school etc etc. i'm guessing more or less these 6 days to be quite relaxed w/ occasional briefings and some light physical training. if d tasks r done quickly, then most of the time will be spent reflecting on wad to improve on when returning to the "outside" world lol.

hmm lets see.. now where did my alarm clock go?


(segment below added 04 June 11)
so i was watching WWE Smackdown n a random thot occurred, is there gonna be a Diva's Tag Team Title coming soon? lol reckon i'd talk abt it since i seldom mention d ladies' side. 

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