Sunday, 12 June 2011

Over So Soon . Impacted

my very first outta 10 In-Camp Trainings(ICTs) is now over.. BOOOOO. kinda sad dat it went by so soon tho but dat's cool =) it was a low-key five-&-a-half day thinggy' which ended w/ a mock activation/mobilization, which also ended REALLLY quickly lol. kinda made me feel like i wasted 2 hrs of my time packing my field pack d nite b4, but then again i'm thankful for d trust d inspectors have for us. well wad can i say, we came from a 2-yr-consecutive best battalion 42 Singapore Armoured Regiment, so higher expectations n leniency comes along w/ it even after entering "reservist mode" haha.

well it really did turn out to be loads of freedom in camp, especially for us men as most of d officers n sergeants had slightly more duties to be done(planning/checking equipment/paperwork etc). kudos to them man. we pretty much visited d canteen EVERY DAY n could walk anywhere we wish during admin time as long as we have our headdress on, when not under shelter dat is =P of course, we had to be on time for any training we had like section & vehicle drills, grenade throwing(which i completely suck at sadly), breaching n my own weapon familiarization(M203 as usual). it's a weird feeling knowing that i'll be d first to die in a real war considering I have to be in front bashing thru jungles w/ my parang for my section or simply die from exhaustion of carrying d bangalor torpedo & HE/Illum rounds etc. but it's alright cuz we all have our individual duties so i juz need to focus on being d best 1M203 i can be =) 

i felt happy dat my platoon had a much better bonding this time round n dat i could open up a lil more to ppl i didn't expect to haha. we did several more things together especially when we all went to "lim kopi" on d final nite spending some quality time haha. anyway my current goal for d next 9 yrs till MR is simply to be able to contribute to my platoon, coy or battalion as much as i can whilst not causing any trouble for anyone. it's a realistic dream for me atm n i'm juz glad to know dat my presence dun bring any air of contempt anymore but true delight/comfort. 


so tk God ICT ended in time for me to make it for my allocated 1530 hrs svc at JW earlier on. these past few mths have seen a string of powerful n anointed speakers visiting but somehow, Mike Connell's Word stood out to me this season. 
  • u may come from a lousy background but it's ur future dat's of greater concern.
  • God has amazing plans in store for ur future even when others despise d current u. 
  • dun let bitterness toward insensible crowd stop u from achieving ur dreams, release n become great.

aite so i juz finished watching d finale of The Ultimate Fighter Season 13. nth spectacular except dat Tony Ferguson won d six-figure UFC contract as 170lbs welterweight =) cant wait to watch UFC 131 soon when i have d time to spare yup.

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