Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Team Liquid Achievements at MSI Bring Hope to NA

Team Liquid

i'm still proud of your performance mates

now inb4 all the "what MSI were you watching?" or "are your glasses NA rose coloured much?" .. yes i'm equally downcast by the end result as you are and yes i've watched every single TL game right up till the heart wrenching defeat by RNG and then FNC in the tiebreaker. so chill guys chill while I explain the reason for my title..

a team of five talented players recently strung together for one spring split(yes that's right only one split together as a squad), managed to dethrone the stronghold of TSM, oust out CLG and evict C9 to get number one for their very first time in the NA spring split of 2018. this is the TL you are seeing right now

their strength of schedule?
  1. KZ- LCK region no.1 .. nuff said
  2. RNG- renowned powerhouse in China now with addition of Karsa
  3. FW- the korean assassins who dominated LMS again
  4. FNC- long time household name of EU with home ground advantage
  5. EVS- an upgraded version of Gigabyte Marines

so if you think you can form a crew of five right now like TL did, beat your region and take these abovementioned teams down, then i will stop talking right here. but you can't right? and you don't have to, because you are meant for something great in life and not to shut my low elo mouth up, online...

ok i stop digressing sorry. moving on..

as what Froskurin, Isaac Azael and David Phreak said, TL really did have those multiple flashes of brilliance, and then some, despite the international giants they had to face.

i'm talking Impact's several pinpoint ultimates (dunno what that's called since i haven't played the game for years). i'm talking FiveThousandLift's immaculate positioning, laning and teamfighting. i'm talking Pobelter's efficiency and decent objective priority(although he really should stop speaking so arrogantly and learn from flash wolves' interviewees). i'm talking Olleh's unsung support prowess. i'm talking Xsmithie's massive improvement as a pro player/jungler as compared to a few years ago.

i think their performance at MSI shows that NA are doing some things right. that they are really NOT a joke of a region. that it really brings hope to the top teams of NA who want to represent on the next international stage. shore up some of those flaws and Worlds 2018 is NA's oyster imo.

have a good rest for now Team Liquid you deserve it. have a few days of fun in Germany and get back home to start kicking butt! haha ok that's all folks take care bye cyaa

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