Sunday, 11 January 2015

WWE RAW . First Week of Work

WWE Raw was fantastic!!
caught d show quite late but for good reason! haha
anyway it was definitely worth watching!

firstly, BNB won d Intercontinental title! haha was quite a grueling match imo but i think is a good warm up for him coming back from injury. hopefully he'll use this chance well as he pursues d main steak in all of WWE belts, considering his potential ceiling is high enough to reach that of Stone Cold or Randy Orton status. all d best!!

next would be The Ascension! wow wad hype prior to their arrival! haha i'm actually quite excited to see what they can do in d main WWE roster from wad i heard is dat they passed all d tests in NXT. so yup yup.. they look like they r very eager to prove a point & make a statement every week too. i'm pretty sure their first run will already be rather sizeable after their titantron is complete or smth.

wow wad's this! wad's goin on?! r those two some new rosebuds?! haha well.. u shud go watch & find out urself =)

d Authority is back! i really like their strategies & forethoughts tbh. how they can plan things three to six months in advance. of cuz some ppl might already know it dat they r purposely acting bad to tip d scales in balance. absolutely not an easy task sometimes.

ok i'm gonna go watch Smackdown soon! quite positive dat i can squeeze in some time before bed! haha


so my first week of work was extremely eventful! really love how i've managed to survive & maybe quite possibly thrive in such a challenging yet healthily stressful environment! haha where do i even begin? hmm..

well for one, i've showed up for work 10-15 mins earlier every day & stayed 45 mins to an hour later after d supposed knock-off time. so it's like 0845 to 1900 hrs for a 9-6 job.. way more than d maximum 44 hrs per week. but it's ok because i'm new & dat's one way to show my dedication. besides i can catch up & learn d ropes faster than if i hadn't done so! lol i'd say i'm relatively prepared to continue doing this for d next few weeks or at least until i've made some credible contributions to d company!

in addition to dat i'm also keeping my direct superior/manager informed of wad i've been doing & wad is my progress for almost every task to show dat i have some initiative & accountability. good news is that i'm getting more stuff to do now in fact i have a 3rd item to start tmr which needs to be completed within d time frame of my 2nd week at work! haha my elation just CANNOT be contained baby. btw i know i previously mentioned dat my manager's hot & smart.. she's more than that! she's helpful, caring, understanding & friendly too! like a powerpuff girl but much taller haha.

i've also cut down on any leisure time during d whole week.. as a matter of fact i've not touched my computer game at all lol such a personal achievement imo ^.^ cuz by d time i return from d gym i have to sleep. i realised dat i had to catch d ZZ monster at least 8-9 hours every night so i am fully charged & alert during d day & can readily absorb wadever i need to. i can also learn from wadever mistakes i've made or am going to make in future, which i hope gets lesser! ROFL. now although all d veteran staff expect newbies to make mistakes during d first 2-3 months as is commonplace to them.. but it's still kinda embarrassing! haha oh well i'm sure i'll get over it.

there r some aspects dat i have a little difficulty achieving tho-maybe due to d fact dat more time is required or just so dat d situation hasn't come up yet etc. but i'm trying to learn to write down names of ppl i've met, where i've met them, their department & who is their in-charge if any. i'm not sure y i have to do this but i read it from some online advice somewhere so i guess it's good to give it a shot. additionally it says dat i need to get a thorough grasp of how my superior works so i can sync with her & make things run more smoothly. so far our relationship is immensely strong due to my willingness & transparency with her. but i feel like there's always room for improvement & getting a better grip on how she works & why she does some things is prolly d missing key. of cuz i know it'll take time so yup yup.. imma tone my hysteria/enthusiasm down a notch! haha

all in all.. can't wait for my 2nd week in my new vocation! it's quite tough for me but i'm gonna treasure this adventure!

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