Monday, 5 January 2015

UFC 182 Jones vs Cormier Opinion


Daniel Cormier won all FIVE rounds vs Jon Asshole Jones.

the amount of pressure he put on him made that swine tired by the 2nd round didn't anyone else notice that?

that eye poke followed by a "sincere apology" followed by a "suck it" sign right after the whole fight. really? really? leaves you to wonder how good his acting really is in pre-planning that accidental eye poke.

considering no points were deducted, how about allowing DC to poke Jones' eye back to make it fair? the one that's working of course since he's lazy on one eye.

this feels like the score was just so rigged.

plus DC's corner sucked so bad they didn't know that what they were saying influenced the drunk judges. are they dumb or are they stupid? because obviously they were harping on a 2/5 empty cup when it was 3/5 full of positive to DC being the new title holder.

whoever orchestrated this bout is one cunning scumbag.

i hope i'm not the only one disappointedly indignant about this.

but then again.. whatever..

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