Thursday, 16 October 2014

Dignitas Imaqtpie . Shadow of Mordor

just watching Imaqtpie stream League of Legends at 4am my time..
i'll tell you this.. he's kinda entertaining!! LOL

WHY ME... WHY QQQQQ LOL this guy..

he definitely deserves all those good-guy donations!

it's really hilarious watching him try to BM on a smurf too.. LOL like d way he tries hard at being rude is just so funny! hahhaha omgosh this guy. his nick sounds like he's a cutie pie too!


also returned to watching TheMediaCows complete another series walkthrough, this time on the game called Shadow of Mordor. done quite excellently too imo!

whoever or whichever group created this game must have been some kinda genius! extremely detailed & well crafted with so many side quests, objectives & a splendid storyline.. makes me think that d Final Fantasy trilogy is nothing compared to this

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