Friday, 19 September 2014

League of Legends World Championship Has Begun!

as highlighted above.. WOOHOO!
right at the onset.. BOOM!
haha no doubt the atmosphere there in Taiwan is going to escalate!

Kobe, Deficio & d beautiful Sjokz at d interview lounge

Analyst's Desk in full capacity here!

with some of my favourite casters kicking things off! 

First blood has been sentenced, by Samsung White! Dandy OP!

followed by a sweet dragon trade for that ROI! Edward Gaming says thank u very much!

first major outplay down bottom lane! he shud change his nick to MARKSMAN imo lol

they get a shut down on a five & o Imp. can EDG swing this momentum into a W?

well u'll have to tune in yourself to find out!
with EDG vs SSW as the first round-robin match,,
u'll feel like u definitely cannot ask for anything better!
gotta work tmr so i'll just watch d rest after knocking off =))


so d ongoing four-year-and-counting trial for my church is coming to a close soon. or at least that's wad has been predicted. kinda cool going thru so much heat to help us expand, root deeper & soar higher both corporately & individually. unquestionably this has been a challenge we needed to overcome in order to go up to that next level we've been destined to attain.

it felt kinda unjustified & lonely at first but when i found out other hyper successful organizations experienced or are still going thru somewhat of d same issue, it was surely a comforting note to myself.

funny how haters r getting more masterful & recognition nowadays & a few even have wad it takes to slander in such a way that d innocent starts looking guilty. the amount of cunning has certainly risen a few notches! but it's cool cuz obviously we haven't done anything wrong as falsely accused by some third-party subjective losers out there.

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