Friday, 8 August 2014

Russia . United States of America . Singapore

based on World Bank's July 2014 statistics 
Russia has a a PPP(purchasing power parity) of $3.461 trillion in 2013
by October 2013, 35% of all its financial assets are owned by a mere 110 individuals
hmm.. that's just sad for the other folks now i reckon

in 2013 Russia's imports are estimated at $341 billion
just below Singapore's of $373 billion?!
in 2013 Russia's exports are estimated at $515 billion
just a tad above Singapore's of $410 billion?!

lol wow.. i guess we're doing quite well
considering as of July 2014, Russia still has an external DEBT of $720.9 billion
as compared to Indonesia's $251 billion
and us Singaporeans at $0. not bad eh
yup! we have no debt.. we have no natural resources too sadly :(

abt that.. Russia has a massive amount of natural resources
in fact quite a large % of export is derived from their energy exports(gas & oil)
they also have impressive combat aircraft & air defence systems
i'm not sure about their ban on food imports from EU & US etc though
i keep thinkin that their food & nutrition is already severely lacking in quality, no?

what's their deal? what are they thinking?
what do d common Russian citizens have to say?
i guess i'll just have to wait & see what unfolds by 2015/16

come on USA hurry up with your country's revival
you have plenty of friends here in South-east Asia! hihi
gogogo keep up your surge in power
make it a multi-faceted growth too while you're at it not just in economy

the Swedish welcomes you, gladly if i might add
Canada should be happy to assist too
surely they don't want to see France in Europe get 
decimated by the mindless brute force of future mother Russia

ok.. facts turning into fantasy here LOL dot dot dot..
i should just stop & go to bed haha
but first lemme take a se.. (shut up, me!!)

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