Thursday, 20 December 2012

My Daughter 夏家三千金

currently watching My Daughter 愛情真善美, a tv drama series produced in China. enjoying it! wow wish i have a girlfriend who looks like one of em absolutely gorgeous! great storyline too juz wish they have a higher quality like 480p or smth but it's k i like it nevertheless. yay!


this "Not Sure If" player.. 4 games same team with him, 4 games lost. very bad mannered w/out repentance. apologizes w/out actions of redemption. (might as well dun say sorry right? lol) i have to make use of the wasted 2 hrs of my life to be wary of him. it's amusing that when asked why play so badly/troll-like, he retorts snappily w/ phrases like "u jelly" "umadbro" "baylife" etc reminds me very much of small kids that type away like keyboard commandos but hide behind their computers forever cuz they dun realize that in the REAL LIVING world, they juz possess puny, malnourished bodies dat get crushed by even bicycles travelling at 10km/hr. we call these keyboard warriors humji kias. anyway.. to know that he'll get his own medicine shoved up his face some day by someone else keeps me comforted. cheers

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