Monday, 11 June 2012


transformation ensues..

i used to tink dat i can eat w/e i want n still make d cut as long as i have adequate training. i was wrong. cuz just being mediocre is not good enuf. it's d mindset of d lazy.. those who've given up.

i used to tink dat i can continue sitting in front of my comp killing the keyboard all day n only spending 10% of my energy on staying healthy to pass my yearly IPPT. i was wrong. having d best of both worlds is bullshit. it's d mindset of d weak.. those who've excuses all day w/ no focus wadsoever.

it's time to step it up n work for success.. my success.

it's time to grab some balls n strive for success like d drowning grasp for air to breathe.

it's time to mould some clay.

d transformation has begun n results will come.

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