Thursday, 8 March 2012

it show 2012 1st quarter

woot juz reached home 11pm now

1st of 4 days of work at IT Show at Suntec Convention. fun! but so exhausting eyes felt so dry had to keep drinking water. ya working for Intel as a part-timer, referral by in2 marketing woohoo dunno if i need to add this in my resume hmm. job scope pretty simple no need sell anything juz go round all the different booths(asus, alienware, toshiba, sony etc etc) accompany our team's bride to take foto w/ d latest Ultrabook edition w/ public n promote for some contest yup yup. my team rocks! ya we da baws imo =P

brought back a pkt of leftover chicken rice gonna try it out yup. hope i can survive d next 3 more days of uber long hrs! work work work workkkk.. soooo fun woohoo! laterz


d tussle between d rock n john cena is simply epic. very entertaining i like ^^

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