Sunday, 4 September 2011

Dragonboat . One FC

so i juz got back from a zone outing!

we did dragonboat n stuff ard' Kallang area. was fun! definitely worth the moneh$$$. i'll be sure to bring some kinda suntan lotion or smth d next time tho! cuz now i've become a poor victim who needs to force himself to shower w/ cold water for a couple days to hasten d process of recovery from sunburn. gd thing abt it is dat u won't get any peeling white skin when the redness fades away, as compared to showering w/ heated water. yup yup.
see d reddish colour on my deltoids n posterior triangle trapz? me dun like! red red faster disappear :(


i recently paid a ticket to go watch d ONE Fighting Championship, which was held at SIS yesterday. it's like d Asian version of UFC, which is rather well established tks to Mr. Dana White lol. it's very exciting even tho d ring announcer has room for improvement as compared to d veteran voice of d octagon, Bruce Buffer, haha. also met a guy who came from Germany n who now lives in Singapore. he seemed enthralled w/ d performance of d fighters, n so did i for sure. i'll bet he & many more went for d after-party somewhere downtown.. at Butter Factory if i'm nt wrong. but i had to leave right after Phil Baroni's fite 'cuz i had to catch d last train. tk God they somehow extended d time. or maybe it's juz pure coincidence dat last train timings r always extended on Sats? owell i'm nt sure haha.. got a mini video coverage for d show anyway. it gets even better as u watch till d end. cheers!

so d 2nd last fite was prolly d main event of d eve. d crowd fav, Yoshiyuki Yoshida from Jackson's MMA went up against Phil Baroni from American Kickboxing Academy(AKA). didn't have it in as my cam went outta battery lol. but it's cool i scribbled down as much as i could during d match =X

started out fast but Phil gets pushed to d cage for abt one min. was juz all abt getting head position for them. ard 3:20 timer Yoshiyuki gets d first takedown n pounds Phil in ard 1:42. they stand back up w/ 20+ secs remaining. it was all Yoshiyuki that round. I'd have give t him a 20-17 score for sure.

now Phil begins to keep his distance, tryna' set up Yoshiyuki for d standard one-two knockout. they exchange random jabs n kicks, doing feints n whatnot. but Yoshiyuki decides to close in ard 2:48 timer, getting his takedown attempt stuffed by Phil. allowing d latter to take up mount position. he failed to captilize by dealing dmg n raking up points b4 Yoshiyuki sweeps n gets on top ard 1:58 timer. dey switch again ard 13 secs left into d match n stand up. Phil gets d advantage this rd but definitely nt enuf if u count d two rounds. he prolly scored 19-18 or somewhere even lesser.

4:44 timer n Phil gets taken down but stands back up while trying another choke attempt on Mr.Japan. both welterweights began showing signs of gassing out but Yoshiyuki was quick on another takedown, retaining FULL mount for abt 2 mins. ard 2:12 timer Yoshiyuki starts dismantling Phil w/ hammerfists, which pretty much meant he wud win by a huge margin if it went to d judges' decision. kinda obvious even for someone w/o prior knowledge of MMA rules etc after watching three rds unfold. 0:45 timer Yoshiyuki goes back to half-guard(meaning one leg in enemy's butterfly guard n d other, free) n maintains top position till end of rd. it was clearl domination from d representative fightin' outta Jackson's MMA. Back to d drawing board for Phil Baroni.


so i haven't touched League of Legends for over two or more days now! juz so many other things i needed to do first which is sad 'cuz i heard there's some kinda IP boost this weekend? shucks that i missed it but imma DEFINITELy try to play a few rounds tmr or d day after. yup!

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