Wednesday, 1 August 2012

raw 1000 . true blood . olympics

woohoo! finally have some time to blog again yay!
so last week i managed to watch d 1,000th episode of RAW! awesomeness =)

things kicked off w/ DX schooling mr. Damien Sandow! hahaha epic epic.. dis new guy NEVER FAILS to crack me up whenever he speaks w/ those intricate yet creative words n phrases! hahaha juz can't stop laughing LOLOL!!!!! kk enuf enuf at least he's sticking to his on-screen personality.

andd... somebody got left at d altar.. by d NEW RAW GM woot! =D

 n out came Stephanie McMahon. how is she a mother? cuz she's like still so hot!! Triple H muz be a happy man.. tink i gotta save up some cash to go on holiday to d beautiful States some time in d future!! hehe

 n we proceed w/ poor Slater entertaining everyone by getting schooled. Lita still got da moves yo! n i miss APA n dat "DAMN!" guy too hahaha

also got a chance to witness d brothers of destruction! wad a superbly impressive episode planned by mr. Vincent!!


yea i also recently finished watching d entire 4th season of True Blood during w/e free time i had to spare. a decently absorbing n satisfying U.S. drama series for anyone looking to kill time.

 there r several main actors/actresses but someone crucial to it all is missing! hmm i wonder who? watch to find out =P

ok so there r definitely some enticing scenes for ur pleasure but it's a grey area where if u dun feel comfy exercising selective viewing then go ahead n skip it altogether. cuz sometimes it's easy to get influenced subconsciously by something dat u like so no problem.


d opening ceremony of London Olympics was intelligibly remarkable! unreservedly hands-down is wad i think!

okie laundry's done.. time to sip down some orange juice n hit d sack yo!

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